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Business computer systems software in the UK

Looking to grow your business through technology ? We pride ourselves on providing products and services to grow our customer buisness. With over 20 years experience of developing small to large businesss software applications we build stable platforms so you can spend your time building your business.

Our exisitng portfolio of products extends from processing customer orders through our mobile applications utilising latest scanners, PDA and mobile phone hardware to our back office database application. Our software is designed to integrate with the master database allowing up to date product and stock information to your sales team. We also provide professional support to all our products.

We are aware that IT costs do impact heavily on business and we do offer different cost options including competitive rates and hosted applications to allow you to reduce hardware overheads.


Our core applications consist of three parts depending upon you requirments.


All our products are supported extensively. We believe in an old fashioned approach to services with customers talking directly to the developers in plain English. We don't operate a helpdesk and provide a patient and polite service. Our portfolio of support agreements allow for further development included at discounted rates.

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